FOS Elevar EON Back to Back Sit Stand Desk

Price available on request.


FOS Elevar EON is designed for multi user application. It uses the same reliable 10 year warranted components as our single user Elevar, but is able to be reticulated with power/data in a systems layout.

The new back to back Elevar Workstation System incorporates the existing legs of the FOS Elevar range with the ability to change or upgrade to a different set in the future. Select from fixed, manual crank, two-Stage Electric, or three-stage electric leg sets to suit any layout or  budget.

Each component is adjustable, from the telescopic cable tray to the adjustable screen brackets to suit different screen types and sizes.

Elevar is quick to assemble and has a solid track record  of  reliability  in  operation  and  supply, Elevar is new-look system packed with features and backed by a comprehensive 10 Year Guarantee on all components.



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